Who we are

We advocate innovation, flexibility and passion in the projects we undertake and showcase consistent growth across partners.

Kelith Group is a contract research organization headquartered at New Jersey, USA. We are a dedicated team of life sciences enthusiasts specialized in Validation, Data analytics, Engineering, Regulatory, clinical, IT and non IT fields concentrating on pharma, data sciences and device manufacturing companies.

Our service assortment offered to clients are in the areas of clinical research,data analytics, regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance/safety. With the help of our talent pool and global technological expertise Kelith flaunts an exceptional reputation in fulfilling its clientele.

Core Values

Kelith is synonymous to quality and that quality is communicated through our work. All our employees are embedded with certain core values and these values are clearly visible in every project we undertake.

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Communicate and Collaborate

Team Engagement and communication has been a key principle at Kelith. We make sure that everyone is actively and equally involved in every milestone of the company.

Precision in solutions

With our extensive expertise and experience we exceed our client expectations in delivering results.


Irrespective of any unexpected developments, we have the ability to keep our projects on track. We love challenges and find creative ways to overcome them and find solutions.

Committed to our Commitments

We would always stick to our timelines and deliver on our commitments. We put our reputation on the line to meet our promises

Treat clients as our own

Your success is ours and we are constantly looking for ways to add value, identify opportunities for improvement and maximize results.

Getting medicines to needy is at the our heart

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