Risk mitigation is a vital component of a compound's success during development and commercialization.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of pre- and post-authorization services to fulfil the increasingly complicated and diversified worldwide regulatory standards. These services are designed to maintain safety while focusing on the speedy approval of your drug and subsequent pharmacovigilance monitoring.

Kelith team of highly qualified PV experts, together with integrated technology, ensures that your product complies with the strictest pharmacovigilance laws, both regionally and globally.

Broad spectrum of pharmacovigilance services

Kelith offers a broad spectrum of pharmacovigilance services with unparalleled quality, flexibility, low cost and adaptability. These monitoring systems can fit seamlessly into your process meeting all regulatory and compliance framework. The team is composed of highly proficient medical professionals and pharmacy experts.We constantly work smart to build optimal processes complimenting client's needs.

  • Customized Safety Surveillance
  • Safety Narrative Writing
  • Safety Signal Management
  • Aggregate Report Management
  • Adverse Product Complaint Management
  • Individual Case Reporting
  • Call Center Function
  • Safety Database Services
  • Clinical Adjudication Committee Management
  • Development of Adjudication Materials/span>
  • Call Center Function
  • Eudravigilance Reporting

The combination of our flexibility and global reach