Data Analytics

Data Analytics is a multifaceted field combining scientific methods, processes,algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from raw data.

This extracted knowledge can be applied across a broad range of application domains.

Our primary objective is to add value to the business. With our extensive knowledge base, patterns and insights acquired from the data we use it in the business decision making context. The above approach gives a clear and measurable impact both on the revenue and cost.

The process of arranging classified data in conformity with company standards and governmental requirements is known as data compliance. Every client, customer, employee, and contractor who comes into contact with your company carries a wealth of sensitive data in the form of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). It is an organization's responsibility to protect sensitive data in accordance with local and international legislation. Data compliance refers to the management and structuring of sensitive data in order for enterprises to comply with corporate business rules as well as regulatory and governmental restrictions.

Turn data into your company’s strongest asset

Kelith has a unique approach to all data science problems.
Our standardized system has three phases:

Phase 1

The First phase dedication to problem definition, data discovery and collection.

Phase 2

The second phase that features model development , engineering and validation.

Phase 3
Production and Insights:

The third phase includes approvals, production and monitoring.

Turn your data into your company’s strongest asset